You’re Invited: TNT Mystery Movie Night

Calling all mystery lovers!!!

TNT presents TNT Mystery Movie Night! During the month of November TNT will feature four weeks of original movies based on best-selling novels by your favorite authors, including:

  • INNOCENT by Scott Turow
  • DECK THE HALLS by Mary Higgins Clark & Carol Higgins Clark
  • SILENT WITNESS  by Richard North Patterson
  • RICOCHET by Sandra Brown
  • HIDE by Lisa Gardner
  • GOOD MORNING, KILLER by April Smith

To kick off this exciting mystery marathon I’d like to personally invite you to the TNT Mystery Movie Night panel event with all 6 authors that will be moderated by Tina Jordan, Book Editor from Entertainment Weekly and will include a sneak peak at the first movie, INNOCENT. Also in attendance will be Marcia Gay Harden who stars in INNOCENT. This special event is free and will take place in Manhattan on November 17th from 6:30pm – 9:00pm.

You must RSVP to attend:

TNT Mystery Movie Night will begin with Scott Turow’s Innocent, a legal thriller starring Bill Pullman and Marcia Gay Harden on Tuesday, November 29 at 9/8c and will continue with the steamy southern mystery Ricochet starring John Corbett and Julie Benz on Wednesday, November 30 at 9/8c.

For more information about TNT Mystery Movie Night, go to

Playing Catch Up

Family Portrait – August 2011 (Oh well, at least I look great)


This is one of those blog posts you do out of guilt. I was chatting with a fellow blogger friend the other day and she shared with me that she missed my updates.  She wondered how the boys were doing… had they started school yet? How is their relationship, are they closer now that Bryce is a little older? In general, what the heck is going on with all of us?

I definitely owe everyone a detailed and thorough catch-up post. Unfortunately, this won’t be that. But I will update ya’all on a few things because I miss you guys and want you to know I haven’t disappeared for good. I’m just in the middle of so many projects and I’m really having to prioritize how and wear I spend my free time online, ya know?

Okay, so here are the important things:

  • Right now I’m enjoying teaching Chase to read. Okay, well we’re not there quite yet.  So let me back up a little. Right now he’s learning to identify his upper case letters. Once he’s got that, we’ll move on to lower case letters… then phonemes. I’ve been a lazy parent up til now, but my mom and dad taught me and my sisters to read by 3 years old, and my older sister Nab’s son, Garvey, was reading by 3 as well. Both my parents and my sisters worked with us/him, which is how it happened. So I realized that if I want Chase to have a head start as well I’ve gotta do more than what I was doing… which was nothing. So he is taking to it surprisingly well. This is only Week 2 and he already knows letters A-D.  Yeaaah!!! We’re having fun with it, and I’m trying hard to keep it light and pressure-free. I’m hoping by his 3rd birthday, in January, he’s got his upper and lower case letters down, and beginning to learn their associated sounds. Tips anybody? (And don’t you DARE mention that “My Baby Can Read” bologna. #HatedIt)
  • Potty training updates.  So… yeah. I’ve pretty much given up on that with Chase. They can do what they do at day care, and when he feels like going at home, he’ll go. *throwing up hands in defeat* I was finding that I was losing my patience, because I know that he is capable of going physically… like, he can feel the urge, stop what he’s doing, walk to his potty in the bathroom, pull down his pants, sit and use it, then call for help. I know because, when he feels like it, he does it. So knowing that he can do it was causing me to feel really frustrated, annoyed even, when he wouldn’t do that. So I stopped “trying” to potty train and have just accepted that he’ll start going regularly when he’s ready. Just because someone is capable physically doesn’t mean they’re emotionally there. And Im sure me being angry about it wasn’t helping him. Derek really wasn’t doing anything anyway, so nothing really will have to change there. (Derek, don’t shake your head in disbelief as you read that… you know you weren’t! lol)
  • Most of my “leisure time” (and I use that phrase loosely) has been channeled into Style Me Prissy.  I’ve loved transitioning into a fashion/style blogger… it just feels right, I’m really excited about it, and it’s going well, in terms of readership and traffic-wise… but I’m still trying to decide where I want to ultimately take it. I see so much potential in Style Me Prissy, and I’m excited about that. But right now it’s a tossed salad of personal style, celebrity style, looks for less, and random fashion photos and commentary that peak my interest. I guess there’s nothing wrong with a blog that is a potpourri of sorts. But I feel like, in order to take it to the next level, I really need to map out where I’m going exactly. A business plan, of sorts. So I’m working on that.
  • Bryce is cute and sweet as can be.  I love that his personality is so calm and laid back and chill.  His brother, on the other hand…. Chase has his days where he is a great listener and so considerate and lovely.  He loves to give Bryce hugs and make him laugh. And then there are days when he is testing the limits like crazy… leaping across furniture like an animal…. wrestling with his friends at school…. and pinching or swinging at Bryce on the sly. *smh* So we just have to keep our eyes on the boys when they play. But I will say that their relationship has come a long way. They laugh so much when they’re together, and that makes me happy. I just can’t wait til Bryce gets a little more height and weight on him so that he can hold his own with his big brother.
  • You’ll remember from the video of Bryce’s first steps that I was wearing Lasik goggles.  Well, yes, I did have the surgery and am so far extremely pleased with it. My vision is now 20/15 and everyday I still can’t believe that I no longer need glasses or contacts. Although it’s been over a month, I still find that I’m pushing my “glasses” up the bridge of my nose, out of habit, or still thinking I need to take my contacts out before I go to sleep.  Aaaah yes, it’s a beautiful thing. Makes me wonder why I waited this long. Anyhoo, I’d definitely recommend it if you’re on the fence. Who knew it could be so great to open up your eyes, in the middle of the night, and actually be able to read the alarm clock on the night stand?
So that’s pretty much it for my updates.  What’s up with you?

Back to School Shopping With American Living

Chase in American Living Toddler Boy’s Davis Woven shirt and American Living Toddler Boy’s Skinny Jeans

Hey folks,

If you follow me over at Prissy Reviews than you probably know that I’m participating in the “Made for Back to School” campaign with American Living (one of my fav brands carried by JCPenney). We’ve been invited to preview items from the “Back to School” collection from the American Living clothing line and give our feedback. You also may have noticed the little blue American Living widget that’s in the right sidebar of my page ( hehe, how could you not notice, since it follows you all around :-) ). Well, I’d love it if you’d click on that widget and then go to the section called Share Your Kid’s Goals. Let me know what goals you and your children have for this coming school year! (Yes, even you moms with college kids can share!)

Not that you need any incentive *smile*, but when you share your back to school goals, I’ll automatically enter you into a $25 American Living gift card giveaway that I’ll be doing over at Prissy Reviews in a few days!  P.S. JCPenney always has some spectacular sale going on, so $25 will go a long way toward some cool new digs for your kiddos!

Okay, hmmmm, in other fun news, if you missed me on TPN’s “The Look” a couple weeks back, you can check out the segment here. We’re chatting all about the color blocking trend that was so hot this past spring/summer.

And finally (whew, lots of catch up when you’re MIA for so long, eh?!) I’ve been so busy floating around doing this and that that I don’t get to blog on here as often as I’d like. However, you can catch up on some of what’s been going on with me over at the Mega Bloks Family Club, where I’m a part of the mom blogger team.  Here is a link to my recent blog posts:  And of course, for all my fashionista readers, don’t forget to check me out over at Style Me Prissy!

Hope ya’all are well! Real “catch up” post coming soon.

Muchas Smoochas!

Your Opinions Needed!!!

Hey ya’all,

So I tried my hand at color blocking over at Style Me Prissy.  I challenged myself to put together 4 different looks without spending over $100, and I am proud to say that (thanks to my savvy thrifting and TJ Maxx’ing skills) I was able to pull it off.  Derek was my wonderful and patient photographer, and I had a lot of fun with it! Pretty please check out the post and let me know your thoughts.  HUGE thank you to those of you who already stopped by and left comments. I really appreciate the feedback!

You can find the post here: My Color Blocking Challenge 

Meanwhile, be sure to check me out on The Look on The Pulse Network this Friday. I’ll be chatting with hostess Maggie Rulli about color blocking and other upcoming trends for fall. Should be a fun segment!

Have a great week!!!!! :-)

Bryce’s First Walking Shoes!

So now that Bryce is an old pro (2.5 weeks!) at walking he’s been “guesting” to the Purple Room (toddler room) at day care.  That means he gets to visit for brief periods throughout the day, getting accustomed to the teachers and routine. You see, when a child turns 1 and also starts walking, they begin to transition over. If they turn 1 and aren’t yet comfortable on their feet, the transition doesn’t begin (as was the case with Chase, who walked 2 weeks after his 1st birthday). However, with Bryce walking early they’re pretty sure he’ll officially be finished transitioning and in the Purple Room by September (yikes).

Anyhoo, so he needed walking shoes in preparation for his transition. Unlike the Red Room (baby room), when they take the kiddos outside they aren’t in strollers.  So this past weekend we took a trip to Stride Rite. Of course, I felt a very strong sense of de ja vu since it was not even 2 years ago we were at this very same place with Chase!  Even funnier, we were helped by the same sales lady!  She was so friendly and sweet.  Of course, she didn’t remember us – but she smiled and beamed when I told about her the coincidence (as though she did).

Here are a few photos from our day of shoe shopping!

At the end of our shopping, Chase got a sticker for being such a good big brother and waiting so patiently! He was so excited to get his sticker, which he promptly put on his hat.  The sales person would have given Bryce a sticker, but we assured him that he’d just eat it. He was content playing with the paper backing of Chase’s.

Fun times!!!!!!!!!

Guess Who’s Walking Now?

Guess who took his first steps this past weekend? At 11 1/2 months Bryce decided he was ready to finally make that move!

Okay, please pardon those obnoxious goggles I’m wearing (and my appearance in general). I just got the LASIK eye surgery the day before (Friday) and those protective goggles are part of my aftercare regimen.

*Date is July 16, 2011 – not January.

You’re Invited! Pampers Live Chat With Me & Bravo’s “Pregnant In Heels” Star Rosie Pope

Members of the Pampers Baby Board in Ohio With “Pregnant in Heels” Star Rosie Pope

Hey ya’all!

As always, I’m on the go-go-go and just peeking my head in briefly with a few updates.

Firstly, thanks for the votes on my 4th of July Fashions blog post.  I definitely was feeling the love!  So cool that the post even got picked up by “The Look” on The Pulse Network.  I am beyond excited that folks are beginning to take notice of my newest lil’ baby. *smile*  Style Me Prissy is only 4 months old and of my three blogs it gets the most traffic  and also appears on the first page of some of the most common pop culture Google search items.  Very proud of that. All my years of blogging and half-hearted attempts to figure out this SEO thing and I’m finally getting it right (lol). Yaaay! Anyhoo, if you missed my segment on “The Look” you can view it here!

Some of ya’all enjoyed that Independence Day post so much you asked me to expand upon the Style Profile section of Style Me Prissy.  Hmmmm, well great minds think alike because I actually had some fun things planned for the Style Profile section.  One of the first projects will be the start-up of a little feature section.  I’ll be showcasing one fashionista every other week (or every week? still figuring that out) whose personal style I really admire. If you’re interested in participating just send an email on over to info {at} prissymommy {dot} com and I’ll send you the deets!  I’ve already got my first feature lined up and eager to hear what ya’all think of her.  I think this will be a fun section because you never know who you might see! ;-)

And lastly, I’d love it if you’d join me tomorrow, Tuesday, July 12 at 5:00pm ET, as Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels” star Rosie Pope joins me in the studio for the second Live Chat on the Pampers Facebook page!  I’ll be moderating the chat and Rosie will be answering your questions LIVE.  If you can’t make the show but still want to ask a question just leave it on the Pampers FB page in advance!

Okay, those are my updates for now – once I slow down for a bit and catch my breath, I’ll be back later with an actual blog post. The boys are good though – Chase so articulate, a handful, and just as cute as he wants to be… Bryce 1 years old in 3 1/2 weeks, practically walking, and growing up way too quickly although I keep begging him to STOP already!

Muchas Smoochas!

Which Outfit Do You Like Best? POLL

As much as I love being home with my guys, and prefer it actually, I also realize that balance is good.  We need “girlfriend time” not only to regroup, but also to show our girls that our relationships with them are important too.  Admittedly, I haven’t been too good at this throughout my life, and it’s something I’ve tried to work on in recent years.  I guess that’s why I surprised myself by saying yes when a friend invited me for a night on the town this weekend.  It’s been a while since I did anything that was not family and/or blog related, so I’m definitely excited.

However, I’m kind of out of practice, and right now totally scrambling for what to wear.  I posted a few outfit selections over at Style Me Prissy. Would ya’all do me a favor and pop on by my 4th of July Fashion Looks, and use the anonymous poll to tell me which look is your fav?!

Thank you!!!! :-)

Yes, Moms Have Fun Too

Old School Mommy & Chase ~ Circa 2009

On the weekends we make every effort to get out of the house and do something fun as a family. Chase had a birthday party to attend this past Sunday, but Saturday was wide open. So after the boys woke up from their nap we decided to do a little shopping and sightseeing outside the city. I wanted to check out the little boutique where Derek had found a cute vintage Gucci clutch and Escada bracelet for me last year. I was eager to see what else they had. So we went to the shop, which ended up being a tad expensive for my liking, and then afterward went to Pizzeria Uno to eat.

As always, getting the boys settled at the table was a bit of a production – no more drama than usual though. First they brought us to a booth, then we determined that two highchairs at the end of the table wasn’t safe, and we finally settled into a private little corner table where there was space to park the stroller, place my bags, and set up the high chairs.

I was in full-on mom mode, directing and guiding and not allowing myself to get comfortable until everyone was situated. I decided to get Chase the kids cheese pizza along with a side of fries, and Bryce would eat his Stage 3 food I’d packed and also munch on some of Chase’s fries. There was a brief little scuffle over who got to color on the one kids menu that the hostess had brought out, but it was resolved when Chase threw the menu across the table and lost those privileges. By that point I was eager to relax and enjoy myself. After Derek looked at the drink menu he decided to go with a Long Island Iced Tea. I was on the verge of announcing that I wanted a lemonade – my usual safe drink when we’re out together as a family…. but something struck me and I decided to go with a Pina Colada. Yum! Pina Coladas always make me happy, maybe because I associate them with being on a Carribean Island, which is usually the only time I order one. Ordering this drink was kind of a big deal for me so, my usual indecisive self, I asked Derek if I should get it and of course he thought it was a good idea.

The waitress came over and asked for drink orders first. Derek ordered his Long Island Iced Tea, and she jotted it on her pad wordlessly. I ordered two apple juices for the boys then, barely able to contain my glee, said I’d try a Pina Colada. The waitress paused for a moment. She looked at me, smiled kindly, and asked if that would be virgin?

So let’s recap, just so we’re all clear…. this young, barely 20-something waitress gave me a once over and then, in a gentle tone, proceeded to ask if I wanted a virgin freaking drink!

Well, I’m pretty sure I didn’t look pregnant, and I certainly don’t appear to be under 21, so I can only surmise that she took in my appearance – hair pulled back, glasses slipping down nose (still a bit disheveled from the brief chaos of getting the boys situated), maybe dressed too sensibly and mom-ish – and thought that I wasn’t cool enough to order an alcoholic drink? Then I thought, or maybe she just doesn’t think a mom should/would order alcohol when out with the kids? But it’s okay for dad to order a drink as notoriously alcohol-heavy as a LI Iced Tea?

Whatever the case – the nerve!

I hesitated now, second-guessing myself, and glanced over at Derek. I wanted to make eye contact so he could read my incredulous facial expression that said: “Dude, did this chick really just ask me if I wanted that non-alcoholic? She didn’t question your Long Island Iced Tea!” But he was looking away – either avoiding eye contact or maybe in his own world.

So I turned back and smiled and told her that I would like a regular Pina Colada. She smiled back and said okay, then turned on her heel to walk away. No big deal, just like that.

Of course, I obsessed about it afterward for a short while. “What about me screams virgin Pina Colada?” I probed Derek. He didn’t have an answer. He didn’t agree or disagree with my theories, but just said that it was no big deal.

My drink came and it was delicious – albeit on the weak side. (Of course, at this point I’m paranoid, and thinking that she told the bar to make me a weak one because she didn’t think I could handle anything stronger).

*smh* This is why I don’t even bother sometimes. Next time I’ll probably just stick with my lemonade. Kidding! Honestly though, I’m so over always getting the “safe” drink (in life) and, after two little ones who are both almost past the baby stage, I’m ready to start letting my hair down again – proverbially speaking. Whether I look like a conservative school marm that day or like I stepped out the pages of Glamour Mag… whether we’re having date night or out with the kids, I’ve resolved that I’ll order what I please (within reason) and frankly, won’t let anybody’s side-eye stop me.